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Opel Grandland X 1.6T: Classy, Conservative Compact Crossover

The latest crossover nameplate added to Opel’s traditionally SUV-light line-up, the Grandland X first launched back in late 2017, as the lately somewhat low...

Opel Frontera (1991-2004): On The Frontline

Essentially a General Motors badge-engineering job based on the group’s Japanese partner’s Isuzu MU (AKA Wizard and Rodeo) compact SUV, the Frontera was also...

Opel Astra Saloon 1.4T: Still Relevant And Soldiering On

First introduced in 2009 and face-lifted in 2012, the Opel Astra ‘J’ series may have been replaced in European and other markets by a...

Against All Odds: Rear-Drive Rally Winners

Established in 1973, the World Rally Championship was initially dominated by the purpose-built Lancia Stratos HF miniature supercar. However, the 1981 arrival of the...

Opel Insignia Country Tourer: Taking the Rough with the Smooth

In current parlance one might call the Country Tourer a crossover, but its’ adaptive four-wheel-drive system might well in fact give it an edge...

Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer: High Performance Hauler

Spacious and well-kitted, the Opel Performance Centre’s version of the Insignia Sports Tourer is a more sensible and affordable real-world alternative for dad-racers than...

Geneva Motorshow 2014: Top 12 Cars

Held annually at Palexpo, adjacent to the international airport, the Geneva Motorshow is a tightly packed event, as opposed to the bi-annual Frankfurt and...

Top Ten Warm, Hot and Sizzling Hatchbacks

Renault Clio RS200 Cup Having grown since the mk1 Clio Williams, the Renault Clio RS200 sits on the fence between lightweight and large hot hatch,...

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