Tuesday, 7 April 2020
GM: Which cars did you benchmark the 12C and P1 against? CG: Benchmarking is an interesting concept and I suppose in reality I benchmarked both of those cars against everything from our Formula One car down, because you can take some good information and comparisons from a huge variety of...
GM: Does current BMW design constitute an evolution of themes started during Chris Bangle’s tenure, or is your vision for the brand a break from the past? AVH: BMW design is more precise than ever. Ten years ago we developed a design language to be expanded. Each car is recognizable...
On the sideline of the 2010 Abu Dhabi International Motor Show, Venture discussed GM’s return to health and their plans for the future, the Middle East and world markets with Susan Docherty, GM’s recently appointed Vice President International Operations, Sales, Marketing and Aftersales. A rising star within GM, Docherty...

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