Caterham Seven Goes On Safari With The Grand Tour

It must have been done before but we haven’t seen it yet. However, a Caterham Seven ‘safari’ or ‘buggy’ riposte to the Ariel Nomad is something we have been fantasizing about for some time, and as with so many madcap motoring misadventures, it would seem that Clarkson & Co. have done it first. Set to debut during for The Grand Tour Madagascar road trip - titled “A Massive Hunt” and due to air on 18 December - the Caterham Seven 'safari' is set to be joined by a highly modified Ford Focus RS and Bentley Continental.

Caterham Seven ‘Safari’

Raised and sporting slim front and enormous rear tyres in true buggy or fast attack vehicle fashion, the rear-drive lightweight Caterham Seven also features a full rollcage, likely borrowed from a Caterham Academy racer. Driven by James May, the Seven ‘safari’ also sports spotlights, intake snorkel and skid plate and bull bar combo.

Ford Focus RS

Half hot hatch and half tank, Richard Hammond’s does away with wheels and sprouts individual tracks at each corner, combined with a significant ride height rise, bull bar, external A-pillar mounted exhaust and external roll cage to go with the Focus RS’ huge power, four-wheel-drive and various differentials.

Bentley Continental

Decked in militaristic olive drab green, Jeremy Clarkson’s Brutal Bentley Continental looks the part of a field staff car, with an exoskeleton roll cage, snorkel, bull bars, huge off-road tires, widened wheel-arches and raised ground clearance to go with its luxurious interior, four-wheel-drive and either W12 or V8 engine.

VIAThe Grand Tour
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