New JIA Range Rover Chieftain Announced, EVs To Follow

Complementing Jensen Automotive International’s more radical Supercharged take of the classic British luxury SUV, the latest Range Rover Chieftain is a more faithful interpretation and modernization.

Restored, refurbished and re-engineered with a far more potent 430BHP and 425lb/ft GM-sourced naturally-aspirated 6.2-litre V8, the new Chieftain sports a new full independent rear suspension design for improved comfort and handling. A elegant brute dripping with a sense of the dramatic, the latest Chieftain is set for a Californian debut. And with the countdown to the UK’s combustion ban drawing closer now, JIA have also announced that the Chieftain will soon also be available in hybrid and EV guises.

– Press Release –

JIA Ltd announces the arrival of the most radically re-engineered Range Rover Classic in the world: The Chieftain

16 December 2020, Banbury, UK – Based on an original Range Rover Classic, the new JIA Chieftain is a world first and among the most thoroughly re-engineered classic icons available. The car sports an in-house designed, fully independent, double wishbone suspension. Like the highly regarded Interceptor R, this set up takes advantage of the range of 6.2 litre V8s and 6 or 8 speed automatic transmissions.

David Duerden, MD, explains: “Our goal is to address the engineering shortfalls of the original cars so that they far surpass our customers’ expectations for the present day, and can be reliably used as stylish, rapid transport.”

In a burgeoning market sector, JIA stands out as a long established player and their “engineering-first” ethos has stood the test of time. JIA succeeds in delivering some of the best and most pleasing classic cars, truly capable of daily use, by producing vehicles which retain their original charm, substituting modern underpinnings for antiquated originals.

The latest version of the Chieftain is bound for California where it will soon be joined by a Hybrid EV version with a full EV variant to follow. Bespoke-built Chieftains can be ordered now. Low  volume production guarantees exclusivity.

These are undoubtedly the best Classic Range Rovers on the planet and fans will not be disappointed.

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