Elisa Artioli Takes Delivery Of Last Eponymous Lotus Elise

After 26 year and 35,000 cars, the very last example of the British sports car maker’s defining modern car, the Lotus Elise, was handed over to the woman it was named after at the brand’s Hethel headquarters.

Sadly discontinued as Lotus looks towards a future of arguably less visceral electric and electrified cars, the pared down, lightweight and back to basics Elise was the car that revived a faltering Lotus. Launched in 1995, during Roman Artioli’s stint as chairman of the iconic brand, it was on his insistence that the small new sports car was named after his then two-year old granddaughter, Elisa Artioli.

Already an owner of a first generation Elise given to her long before she could drive back in 1997, by her grandfather, Elisa’s latest Lotus is an Elise Sport 240 in Championship Gold and packing around twice the power as the original.

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