W Motors Ghiath Smart Patrol: Dubai’s Latest, Most Functional Police Exotic

Billed by its makers as “the most advanced police vehicle in the world”, UAE-based auto maker W Motors announced that they will be providing 400 Ghiath Smart Patrol police SUVs to the Dubai Police force, at a cost of US $54.4-million.

With the first 10 vehicles already delivered, and the rest to be delivered over the next 5-years, the Ghiath is set to become a regular sight on Dubai roads, but is nevertheless already somewhat familiar to keen observers, in it proportions. Based on the Nissan Patrol, the Ghiath’s appearance is a more aggressive take on the Japanese manufacturer’s popular SUV, and features slim deep-set headlights, more pronounced surface creases and jutting bumpers, not to mention new alloy wheels, front and rear nudge bars and of course, Dubai Police livery, as worn by the their much-publicized fleet of exotic supercars.

That said, and despite the Ghiath’s provenance being that of a supercar maker, it is however a functional daily police vehicle developed by the brand’s special projects division, rather than a show piece. Festooned with plenty of police lights, badges and decals, the Ghiath is a high tech police vehicle that is equipped with a 360-degree deployable camera, 8 exterior surveillance cameras, facial and license plate recognition system, integrated 16-inch central screen, powerful control centre-linked onboard computer, dispatcher-connected android tablet, driver behaviour camera, boot compartment for rescue and safety equipment, and a custom drone box with an advanced drone on board.

– Press Release –

W Motors’ GHIATH SMART PATROL joins Dubai Police Fleet

First batch of 10 custom-built, highly advanced security vehicles delivered during World Police Summit at Expo 2020

17 March 2022, Dubai, UAE – His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, said the force is adding 400 Ghiath smart police patrols over the next five years, a deal worth 196 million dirhams ($ 54.4 million).

Lt. Gen. Al Marri made the announcement during the official launch of the second generation of the Ghiath Smart Patrol in partnership with W Motors and Safe City Group, where he also confirmed the first batch of 10 vehicles has been delivered during the World Police Summit at Expo 2020, and they are on display from 14th – 17th of March 2022.

Lt. Gen. Al Marri said they were delighted with the outcome of the Ghiath Smart Patrol project and appreciate the support of W Motors in realising this cutting-edge patrol car that has now joined Dubai Police’s fleet. “The features and capabilities of the Ghiath are exactly in line with our requirements and allow us to stay at the forefront of international security vehicle standards. Both Dubai Police and W Motors have a shared vision for continuous advancement in the mobility sphere, and our officers look forward to using Ghiath to ensure public safety in Dubai,” he added.

The Ghiath Smart Patrol is one of the most advanced security vehicles in the world, and the first W Motors car to be fully produced in the UAE at the company’s Dubai Silicon Oasis facility. With the Ghiath, W Motors demonstrates that its capabilities go beyond the development of hypercars that initially put the company on the international motoring stage, following the introduction of its Lykan HyperSport and Fenyr SuperSport models.

Ghiath Smart Patrol is the first product developed under W Motors’ Special Projects Division, a fully integrated unit specialized in delivering turkey mobility solutions focused on security, defence, and smart technologies.

“We are proud to have delivered the first Ghiath Smart Patrols to Dubai Police. This is a milestone not only for W Motors, but for the UAE’s automotive industry as we pave the way for manufacturing high-tech and pioneering vehicles locally. From design and engineering to innovative software development, with Ghiath we have created a state-of-the-art security vehicle that is now ready for duty. This is only the start of our partnership with Dubai Police, with many more exciting collaborative projects yet to come,” said Ralph R. Debbas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of W Motors.

“W Motors and Safe City Group have invested more than AED 100 million to develop the Ghiath project and more than AED 170 million to establish W Motors factory and the production line in Dubai Silicon Oasis, expected to be ready by Q4 2022”, he added.

The Ghiath Smart Patrol integrates highly advanced technologies, functionality, and reliability. Featuring W Motors’ distinctive DNA, the vehicle is modern and sleek, with strong lines highlighting powerful muscles. Exterior features include emergency lights, police lights, side steps, a 360-degree deployable camera, 8 exterior surveillance cameras, and a facial and license plate recognition system.

The interior was designed around the comfort and needs of police officers, with an integrated 16-inch central screen, a powerful onboard computer linked to the main control centre, a large passenger display, an android tablet connected to the dispatcher, a driver behaviour camera, in-cabin monitoring and front ADAS. The Ghiath Smart Patrol also features a custom-built rear bench, grills, a protective cage, a specially designed compartment in the boot to store rescue and safety equipment, as well as a custom-built drone box with an advanced drone on board.

The Ghiath Smart Patrol is part of a wider security and mobility programme currently being developed by W Motors and Dubai Police. The Ghiath fleet will soon be expanded with further vehicles to be added to the fleet, cutting-edge technologies and smart solutions will be integrated within the existing police fleet, and the mobility line will be expanded to include a Ghiath Drone Edition, SWAT vehicles, Rescue and First Responder vehicles, E-vehicles, E-Bikes and more.

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