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BMW M2: Best of Bavaria

A small, fast, feisty and fun 2-door or berlinetta saloon – generally described as a coupe in contemporary fashion – the BMW M2 may...

Audi RS4 Avant: Hill Climb Hero

Successor to the now collectible 1994-95 RS2 Avant, the agile, grippy and swift RS4 is impressive on many levels and is a thoroughly well-rounded...

Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer: High Performance Hauler

Spacious and well-kitted, the Opel Performance Centre’s version of the Insignia Sports Tourer is a more sensible and affordable real-world alternative for dad-racers than...

Jaguar F-Type V8 S: Big Cat Bellow

Stylishly slinky, elegantly finished, eager handling and sensationally swift, the F-Type is Jaguar’s first purpose-built compact sports car since its legendary predecessor E-Type was...

Renault Twingo RS133: French Firecracker

The smallest and least powerful of RenaultSport’s three-car line-up of hot hatches is also its most basic and probably most enjoyable car in terms...

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Edition 507 Coupe: Swan Song Drivers’ Edition

Designated to reflect its 507PS continental European horsepower rating, the 507 Edition’s burly large displacement V8’s output translates to 500BHP developed at a haughty...

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni: Bull’s Eye

Having joined Lamborghini in 1968 during its heady early days, Balboni’s driving talents were spotted by Ferrucio Lamborghini and legendary test driver Bob Wallace,...

Infiniti G35 Sedan: Chasing Germans

Nissan’s comeback under Carlos Ghosn’s tenure hasn’t just been a financial one, but also an engineering, style and general product revival and now that...

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