Gemballa Going On ‘Safari’ With The Avalanche 4×4

The German tuning house’s madcap take on the trend for 911 ‘safari’ conversions, the Gemballa Avalanche 4x4 concept is a brutal, yet compelling proposition.

Doubtlessly inspired by the 1985 Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar racers and more extreme than ever, the Gemballa Avalanche 4×4 was first proposed in 2016, but has just surfaced again in recent press release from Gemballa regarding its strategies and delineation of Hypercar, Luxury Customization and Classic divisions going into the future.

With little information to go by and only two conceptualization pictures to go by, the Avalanche 4×4 sits high above the ground with raised ground clearance and rides on big knobbly off-road tyres. With a wide body and massive twin-slat rear wing, the drawing also features side air intakes, twin roof-mounted air ducts and a slatted carbon-fibre bonnet.

Based on a rear-engine twin-turbo four-wheel-drive Porsche 997 Turbo, the Avalanche 4×4 is expected to develop at least the same 662BHP output and 682lb/ft torque as the standard Avalanche coupe and near enough the same 337km/h top speed and 2.9-second 0-100km/h time. The Avalanche 4×4 could alternatively be powered by a yet more extreme engine used for the Porsche 991/992 GTR 8XX Evo-R BiTurbo conversion and developing 807BHP and 810lb/ft, or a yet more powerful variant boasting in excess of 1,000BHP.

Press Release

Gemballa sharpens its corporate strategy

Leonberg, 11 March 2020: Gemballa, the world renowned southern German refinement and tuning company, will in future divide its business areas into three separate divisions. The development and production of the first own Gemballa Hypercar will be done in the Hypercar Division (HD). Additionally, the Luxury Customization Division (LCD) will group together the previous areas of vehicle refinement, performance enhancements, limited small series and one-offs. The Gemballa Classics Division (CD) will now be responsible for the maintenance and restoration of classic Gemballa vehicles.

Delimitation of the business areas for more dynamism
“With the delimitation of the individual business areas and the management as a separate profit centre, we want to ensure a clearer corporate structure. This should especially also have a positive impact on current fundraising activities. All areas are currently being equipped with new investments and will be greatly expanded in the future. The focus remains on expanding our already high quality standards. We will be introducing numerous new models over the next 24 months and expanding our dealer network worldwide,” states Steffen Korbach, owner and CEO of Gemballa.

New Gemballa Avalanche 4×4 and Tornado 4×4
He continues: “First and foremost, we will continue to focus on customizing and increasing the performance of Porsche models, but we are also open to other brands. The prototype of the Gemballa Avalanche 4.2 RS based on the Porsche 991, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017, is now to be launched this year in an exclusive small series based on the Porsche 991 and 992. The performance data will outshine all comparable vehicles.

In 2016, we already discussed the development of a 4×4 variant of the Porsche Cayenne as the Gemballa Tornado 4×4 and the Porsche 911 as the Gemballa Avalanche 4×4. Designs for both vehicles have been in the drawer for a long time.”

Performance increase with over 1,000 HP in preparation
The Luxury Customization Division is currently marketing very successfully the body kit conversion for the Porsche 991/992.

under the name “GTR 8XX Evo-R BiTurbo” with an increase in performance to currently 818 bhp and 1,098 Nm and an acceleration of 2.3 seconds from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) and a top speed of over 370 km/h (230 mph). A performance variant with over 1,000 bhp is being worked on and will be launched in the summer.

High investments in development and expansion of high quality standards
“After years of consolidation, we are now preparing a major product offensive with new considerable investments,” says Steffen Korbach, adding: “A lot has changed in our sector. Stricter state guidelines and laws, new trends, and competition from vehicle manufacturers are having a massive impact on the vehicle customization business. We have worked long and hard and since 2010 have invested over 15 million Euro in modernizing the brand and improving product quality. All of this with the aim of standing out from the mainstream also in the future.”

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