Nissan Jordan’s Confidence-Building 300K Warranty

Unprecedented in Jordan, Nissan announced the country’s longest warranty at 300,000km or five years, in addition to a free 30,000km or two year service contract.

A bold undertaking in an automotive market like Jordan with its punishing roads, heat, inclines and constant stop and start city driving, this warranty marks a high level of confidence at Nissan. Such a move by official importer Bustami & Saheb is expected to translate into increased consumer confidence during such economically chaste times in the wake of global Coronavirus lockdowns and downturns in car sales. That said, such confidence building is especially pertinent in a high import duty market like Jordan, where a new car purchase typically constitutes a far bigger investment for customers and a longer commitment than in wealthier, more developed markets.

Press Release

Bustami & Saheb launches its new warranty and the longest of its kind in Jordan

31 May 2020, Amman, Jordan – For the first time in Jordan, Bustami & Saheb – the exclusive dealer of Nissan and Infiniti in Jordan – has recently announced the launch of its new warranty that is considered the longest in the Kingdom so far. The new warranty covers up to 5 years, or 300,000 km (or whichever comes first), in addition to a complimentary maintenance contract for two years or 30,000 km (or whichever comes first) when purchasing a Nissan vehicle.

This warranty is considered the first-of-its-kind as it has never been provided by any other car dealership in terms of length and mileage. Furthermore, this new warranty is not simply a campaign, but a continuous system that the company will offer its customers regarding individual purchases. The warranty aims to provide a comprehensive and unique experience to all Nissan brand enthusiasts, as well as give them the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive package filled with benefits for the first time in Jordan, not to mention the peace of mind and high level of trust when dealing with Bustami & Saheb.

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