MG Cyberster Concept: Roadster Render Revealed

Conceived as a futuristic roadster with an eye on MG’s back catalogue of seductive and slinky roadsters and sports cars, the Cyberster promises autonomy and ‘connectivity’, but what about old fashioned driver interaction and ‘connectedness’?

If true to the design renders released recently, the MG Cyberster promises to be a sexy low-slung roadster harking back to the British born and Chinese operated brand’s iconic sports cars of the past. Every inch a reinterpretation of the classic British sports car in design, the MG Cyberster would surely appeal to a whole new demographic of drivers for modern MG and would serve as a sort of halo model to reassert the brand’s sporting image.

Futuristic, functional and promising pure electric drive-train, level 3 autonomous driving and 5G internet capability, the Cyberster’s ‘connectivity’ will surely be hailed by MG, but its high tech will likely detracted from the sorted of ‘connected’ driving experience that many keen driving enthusiasts look for in a small two-seat sports car. However much it may appeal to a certain strata of younger drivers and however much it looks the part, the Cyberster’s technology will make it a very different sort of animal than more back-to-basics small roadsters like the Mazda MX-5, Lotus Elise or Caterham Seven with their light weight mechanical interactions and intimately old school visceral thrills.

Press Release

MG Unveils the Cyberster Concept – a Totally New Pure-Electric
Roadster for the 5G Era

14 May 2020, Middle East – MG Motor has released renderings and first details of a new pure-electric roadster concept car, the MG Cyberster Concept, which has been designed to usher in a new era of stylish and intelligent driving for younger drivers around the world.

Introducing a totally new and futuristic take on traditional sports cars, with its smart cockpit, mobile internet functionality and pure-electric technology, the British-born car marque’s roadster concept showcases the brand’s approach to cutting-edge intelligent driving products.

The MG Cyberster Concept features the latest 5G connectivity technology and Level 3 autonomous driving features developed by parent company SAIC Motor, a global leader in automotive new energy and intelligent networking technology.

Further details about the MG Cyberster Concept will be released at a later date.

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